Do I need to tent fumigate my home?

Depending on the degree and severity of the termite infestation spot treatment could be an option.  For prevention or severe infestation, we recommend a tent fumigation every 5-10 years.

How many days is a Termite Inspection Report PC-9 Form good for?

The Hawaii Termite Inspection Report Form PC-9 is valid for 14 days from the date of inspection.

My Home is being constructed with footings, do I need a pre-construction soil treatment?

Yes, Hawaii County building code requires a termite soil treatment under all permitted concrete foundations.

The inside of my home has fleas how do I get rid of them?

We recommend treating your pet with a veterinarian approved flea and tick control product, vacuuming all carpeting and flooring surfaces to remove eggs and if the infestation is severe, Will Kill Termites and Pests provides pest control treatments for fleas with EPA approved products.

I have Little Red Fire Ants what type of treatment do you provide?

We provide a variety of treatments for LFA.  We treat both residential and commercial properties and can customize treatments for the structure, yard, and farm using a variety of EPA registered and approved products.

How soon will I get a response to a online service request?

We usually respond within 24 hours to all online request for service.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes,  click the Make a Payment tab to set up account online or email us at info@willkillpests.com and we can send you a payment link.